Crisis Management

Strategic / Tactical Crisis Management - Corona Virus - Contact Mark Beiderwieden

Are you facing an unexpected crisis? 

Regulatory changes, government pressures, supply chain shortages, natural disasters – to name a few – can surprise us at any moment. Crisis preparation and training is prudent but how we react and respond in the moment can determine the future of the company. Crisis management is the ultimate executive test and how we act and communicate will determine our legacy.

I have personally been the executive in charge during three potentially lethal crisis involving the U.K. Department of Trade and Industry,  the German Registration Compliance Office and the Vietnam Direct Selling Decree 42 legislation.  I was also second wave to the great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tohoku tsunami and guided the company through the aftershocks, creating donation programs and resources to initiate the award winning Tohoku Tsunami Foundation in support of disaster victims and their communities for years to come.

If you are anticipating or facing a crisis, don’t hesitate, call me to discuss how I can support you.
I will be at your immediate service.

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